Habib Placencia Adissi

Habib is a graphic designer based in San Francisco specializing in identity systems. 

Familiar to a wide range of disciplines, he’s motivated by research, process, geography, and history. Currently a brand designer at Brilliant.org, and type-design student at Type West


Post-Contact 061

Post-Contact is a public site for open, artistic commentary in response to multiple, simultaneous health crises. It was an attempt at providing a safer, alternative form of meaningful human-to-human connection through a public site for open, artistic commentary in response. This includes my submission to the ongoing project.

Post-Contact 061, 30"W×40"H, installed on 31 July 2020 in Providence, Rhode Island. Special Thanks: Jack Halten Fahnestock.

Material Security
Brand Identity, Web Design

Material Security is a recently launched email security company that aims to protect beyond the inbox. As held in their position, they looked to signify radical resilience against e-mail threats by building security that works—and works simply. The brand identity was revealed at its website and product launch.

Studio: Emotive Brand. Design Director: Jonathan Haggard. Designer: Habib Placencia Adissi, Jonathan Haggard.

Joe Coffee
Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging

With close to twenty stores open in New York City, Joe Coffee was looking to mantain and scale its leadership position in the third-wave coffee landscape of New York City. A new brandmark, color palette, photo direction, and packaging system allowed the Joe Coffee team to reassert itself as a friendly yet knowledgable coffee roaster in New York City and beyond. 

Creative Directors: Scott Dadich, Allie Fisher. Art Directors: Sean Wong, Habib Placencia Adissi,  Chase McBride. Copywriters: Lauren Tyrell. Special Thanks: Tal Leming

Brand Identity

CINEOLA is a platform for Latin American stories, connecting audiences with diverse representations of Latinoamérica on film. Launched virtually, proceeds from the festival benefited local San Francisco venues, as well as Carecen SF, a non-profit supporting Latino, immigrant, and under-resourced families in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Designers: Omar Mohammad, Habib Placencia Adissi. Programing: Omar Mohammad, Jacob Martinez. Special Thanks: Daniel Díaz.

the Art of Design

Ep. 6, Typeface Design
Title Design, Art Direction, Motion Graphics

Season 2 of Netflix’s Abstract: the Art of Design, took a look at Jonathan Hoefler’s career in typeface design. This profile adopted a dynamic approach in its many title designs that emphasized the construction and mutability in the design of letterforms. Per the show’s ethos, this episode looked to highlight typography’s fundamental state in design. The opening titles have been nominated for Oustanding Main Title Design at the 72nd Emmy Awards in 2020. 

Director: Brian Oakes. Creative Director: Scott Dadich, Allie Fisher. Motion Design: Anthony Zazzi. Title Design: Habib Placencia Adissi. Special Thanks: Paula Chowles, Jonathan Hoefler 

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